Edna‘s Healing Hands London Reflexology | About Me

I have an academic background with a degree in Political Science and Masters in Environmental Strategy. I came to Reflexology after having a difficult pregnancy. Refleoxlogy helped me to overcome the sickness, insomnia, heartburn, back and pelvic pain, fatigue, and the many symptoms of pregnancy that I suffered from.I also found that reflexology as a profession was less stressful than my previous job as an environmental consultant in which I had to travel and work long hours.

Following the birth of my son, I thought that it would not be suitable for me or my son to continue working as I had done before. Considering my passion for natural health I then decided to change my career and focus on complementary therapies. In addition to being a qualified reflexologist, I am also an Indian Head Massage and Reiki therapist.

Having worked in the consultancy arena for a few years I have an understanding of how to deal with high level services which has helped me as a therapist in that I am in tune with the needs and requirements of my clients. It also gave me the hands-on knowledge of the stress and pressures in the work environment allowing me to better understand the benefits of relaxation and equilibrium that these therapies can bring to my clients.

I believe that conventional medicine would strongly benefit working in conjunction with complementary therapies. It is a fact that more and more people are looking for treatments which treat holistically, emotional, psychological and not just physiological.

I really advise you to come for a session and try it for yourself.

I am sure you will adore it!