Edna‘s Healing Hands London Reiki

A Reiki session lasts 1 hour with treatment taking about 45 minutes. The first appointment includes an assessment based on the treatment form and discussion between the therapist and the client. Forms can be obtained via email and should be sent back to me before the first appointment.

I also offer Reiki gift vouchers for a single treatment or a set of treatments – the perfect gift for all occasions.

Benefits of Reiki

A Reiki healing session has great benefits on physical, psychological or emotional, and spiritual issues and it gives excellent results. Some of the potential benefits are as follow:

Helps physical conditions such as injuries and illnesses;
Reduces some of the side effects of drugs and helps the body to recover from drug therapy after surgery and chemotherapy;
Helps with most known 'disease' of our daily lives – stress – by giving a calming and relaxing effect;
Helps immune and endocrine system by removing energies blockages and adjusting the energy flow Strengthens the body to reach a state of balance and harmony;
Aids better sleep;
Clears the mind enabling instinctive process and ease decisions to be taken;
Aids breaking of addictions;
Helps with spiritual growth and emotional clearing;
Raises the vibrational frequency of the body.


1 Reiki treatment £65
1 Reiki treatment – home visit £70
5 Reiki treatment £300 (saving £25)
5 Reiki treatment – home visit £325 (saving £25)
10 Reiki treatment £550 (saving £100)
10 Reiki treatment – home visit £600 (saving £100)

* Prices may change according to premises