Edna‘s Healing Hands London Client Testimonials

'I wanted to say a huge thank you to Edna, I'm so grateful as she has really helped with my hyperthyroidism. As a result of her treatments I sleep better, have more energy, and the sessions themselves are blissfully relaxing! I've had six sessions and feel they're definitely contributed to helping me on the road to health. I'm looking forward to more sessions! Thanks Edna!'

Sophie, Complementary Therapy Coordinator

'Each time I have reflexology I have felt wonderfully relaxed, positive and refreshed. It has helped me cope with the stress of my work and I feel overall improvement in my well being and my extreme tiredness has seemed to pass.'

Alexandra, Event Organiser and Fundraiser

'Having had reflexology with Edna several times now, she works thoroughly to address my concerns whilst ensuring I am left at the height of relaxation. A truly wonderful therapist – Thank you!'

Nora, Medical Doctor

'I have a stressful and demanding job, and found the treatments really helped me to relax and become a bit more grounded. This in turn helped me deal with the daily demands of my work.'

Rebecca, Clinical Development Team

'Each day we scoot about tending to our daily business, often busily in our minds, without a thought to our feet. A reflexology session with Edna is not only relaxing and invigorating but allows you to pause and reconnect the connection the body and mind. A truly worthwhile experience and I look forward to each session.'

Serena, Psychology Graduate

'I had a course of 5 Reflexology sessions with Edna and found them to be incredibly useful. The benefits for me were improved sleep, concentration and focus. Edna works with your needs in mind and offers helpful advice about managing the stresses of daily life - i would recommend her highly to anyone seeking reflexology treatment.'

Chris, Activities Manager

'I recently had the pleasure of being treated by Edna for sinus problems. I was really impressed with her thorough and holistic approach and the time she spent to interrogate wider issues to identify the problem. Following my course of treatment, my sinus problems cleared up for which I am immensely grateful.'

Josie, Fundraiser